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Why are we here?

Travelgirlsdating.com website is a fast and joyful way of finding new friends. Grown up people, especially those wishing to travel, meeting new people, coming together and traveling together and willing to invent new places and people, this is the most easy and suitable way!

You want to meet and greet new friends? You are in the right spot!

For women

Wanna go aborad? Wanna spend some time in the mountains skiing? Women of any age, this place is for you. Who wouldn’t want to meet new men and new cultures, It may be probable that you will meet the love of your life. No surprises, cause you will have contacted before you meet..  Don’t be shy! Just sand a smile, you will see, he’s waiting for you. Send messages, lots of them, get to know each other, You will see theres a lot many to travel together.

No body will be able to see your profile unless you “accept” You are the one to accept first..So, the other will show he is inetersted, and you are the one to decide.. Isn’t it fully reliable? No body bothers you if you dont want them. If there is somebody you are concerned, let us know, we ban, that’s it… You will not be bothered again.. you will be invisible!

For men:

Just enter your profile details and photos, describe yourself.. wait.. you will receive a proposal, and maybe your expected lifetime lover will come by. A wonderful travel programmed by you both.. a relationship that all you wish becomes a reality.. just wish,act and wait… your happiness is just round the corner.

Our advanced matching algorithm, very effective.. and it does help you in finding the perfect match.

Do you want a list of those who liked you? Easy.. Do you want to see the newcomers? That’s easy, too. Do you want to send and receive so many messages/proposals? with us, thats easy, too..

Do not forget that a detailed profile will bring more contacts. Make it as detailed as possible, you will see the change in responses you get.

Travwlggirlsdating, provieds you with lots of profiles from different countries, lots of travel plans of different epople who are wishing to come to your region. So you can let them know of your plans and expectations.

Terms of use:

The terms of use of the www.travelgirlsdating.com website is stated below. By entering the site and uploading contents to ths site, you are deemed to have accepted the conditions below.

“You”, “to you”, “from you” “with you” and the like impilcations adress to any private website user who usus the site and who is benefiting form the services provided.

“We”, “us”, “from us”, or “company”, “firm” and the like implications refers to “travelgirlsdating website and its official representatives as individuals or corporate.

In our website, there are different contents that can be reached by visiors or members, these contents can be like different graphics, information, photographs, data and any kind of editorial material. All of these will be referred to as “content”.

In daily use of the website, be it public or private, any content in the website is owned by us or are licensed by other parties, so use of this material is subject to these “terms of use” statement.

Lets mention a few rules here, a few reccomendations;

Please do not upload naked photos

Please do not use any offensive language,

Do not share personal infıomation that can be used against you in some way. Do not share any of your other social media pages or identities.

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this website.

Please inform us in the case of any use that you think may be inapporpriate.

Any content, logos, brands, or any other material published in the website belongs to the company, and can not be used, duplicated, downloaded, copied without the written consent of the company.

All the content in this website can be utilised only for personal use, Downloading to your computer, can be deemed to be legit, only if you need to do so with your personal need. Any downloading or copying is illegal even if they are carried out partially. It is also forbidden to partially or completely selling the conents of this website. Any content, published in this website is forbidden to be usded in the internet, any dissipation of the material is forbidden. 

İn the case of a breach, your membership will be terminated. It is also probable that there may be a courtcase against you, for the compensation of of any loss, money or reputation. You can use the program only when you are on line. It is forbidden to copy and duplicate and/or download and reuse or distribute the program.

Please find below the terms of use of www.tarevlgirlsdating.com

By entering and uploading materials to this site, you are deemed to  accept the terms below:

  • All Terms of use (including the ones mentioned here), are subject to change without any prior notice. In order to see the changes that may have taken plnace, you are expected to visit this page regularly and see for yourself that you are update about the terms of use. Your using of the website, and utilising the services provided implies that you know the current terms of use and that you accept all.
  • “You”, “to you”, “from you”, “with you” and the like depictions imply those who enter the website and use the functionalities of the website.
  • “We”, “us”, “our”, “from us”, or “company”, “firm” implies the company who has the rights of this website
  • We take extra care to keep the information updated and complete, however unfortuntely we can not promise that that is always the case. We do not guarantee that all the information contained in the website is correct. We beleive that as of the date of circulation the info is correct and trustworthy. But we do not eccept any legal or financial responsibility for any incomplete or false content. We do not accept any responsibility and penalty of any kind for the use of the website.We do not guarantee that the material contained in the website will not do any harm to your computer.
  • Please always bear in mind that internet is not a totally safe place to be. If you have information that needs to be kept confidential, do not upload any such data. As the owners of the website, we have limited resposibilty in the case of any discontinuation of our services. No compensation may be provided under any such a case. Its our option to decide about the continuation of the services provided.

User Provided Content

Some of the content, in the website is being entered / uploaded by the users. As long as the system permits, you may enter and upload any personal data applicable. Our only role and responsibility in this content is limited to publsihing, so we do not accept any responsibility as to the completeness or validity of the info provided. By entering or uploading this info, you explicitly declare that you give us the authority to keep and disclose and distribute this info to third parties as was found appropriate. By uploading or entering the information, you know and accept that this information will be seen by other persons, and that be used as described here in this text. You are allowed to enter only info related to yourself. Photographs of other people, or photos obtained form the web, and info related to other persons are not allowed. You are expected not to share any content that violates the rights of other persons or organizations.

The company is respectful and sensitive against the copy rights of other persons and companies. Does not control or oversee the contents provided by its users. Only some information and photographs are automatically filtered in order to ensure that they are authentic and genuine. We keep the right to erase or cancel any info that is provided by the users, if we beleive is inappropriate. It is up to the discretion of us to erase or cancel those type of entries that we find offensive, inappropriate, pronographic, slandering, humiliating, racist or any other sort of ethnic hatred  related.

As a requirement of the registry process, you will be required to enter a user name and a password. You are expected to enter a true updated and complete data. Any action against this will be considered against this agreement.

We presume you know the following:

  1. You are not allowed to use any kind of a username that may imply another person or personality. Or any other name that may seem to pretend that you are that person is not allowed.
  2. You are not allowed to use an inappropriate name, Cocluding on what is appropriate and what is not is an issue we are to decide.
  3. Our servers reside in Turkiye and this website is ruled according to the turkish legislation, By completing the membership process, you acknowledge that you accept your information is being recorded and processed. During the membership process or afterwards you may enter the site and change, modify this info when you feel the urge. If you are regitaring from somewhere outside Turkiye, you acknowledge that you know that these information is kept in servers in Turkiye, and that all the info will be handled according to our privacy policies. You are expected to update your information regularly.

In the case that you worry that your account hes been compromised, or that your password is stolen,or in any other susipicious event, you are required to inform us via e-mail “support@travelgirlsdating.com” is the contact address. We also would like to remind you that you are the responsible person fort he security of your password.

You are the sole responsible for all the actions carried out by your name and password in the website. It is strictly forbidden tos share passwords for an account, with the purpose of any communication within the website, any such action will be considered breach of this agreement. Any misleading, inappropriate and illegal act is a legit reason fort he cancellation of this agreement. Web master is the only decision maker and no objection is accepted. It should also be noted that in the case of any illegal or amoral behaviour, legal action can be taken.

Copyrights and Brands

Unless otherwise stated, all material contained in this website is under the ownership of our company. All rights reserved. It is not allowed to copy, modify, adapt, circulate, publish, exhibit  unless any written approval is obtained in advance. Not any content that take part in the website can be considered as a free to use, public material. Without the written concent of our company, no material ay be used or cited.

Contact Us:

In order to provide information on the new arriving services and any changes to the website, we occasionally will send you e-mails. If you would like to cancel this service, by writing “unsubscribe” (without the quotation marks) and replying to this newsletter, your mail adress will be erased from the regular list.

Privacy policy

We do not collect any information about you unless you wish to provide that info deliberately, and knowing that you are giving that information. We do not wish to collect any confidential information. Any content provided by you, will be regarded as open to the public. By conveying a message, you agree that you transfer the right of use of this content unlimited and irreversibly, We may produce, execute, Show off, modify or change, relay, and distribute any material provided and uploaded by you. Also you agree that we are free to use any concept, idea or technique suggested or shared by you.  

Other than those material which has been autamatically filtered by our software, we do not control, oversee, change any info provided by the users. Also we reserve the right to remove such material as found to be illegal, harrassing, humiliating, racist etc that we happen to come accross during our daily check.

User provided content

By uploading any info and material, including photographs, you declare that you have the ownership rights and copyrights of the material uploaded, Any content, that may result in a courtcase, or any content that may result in a dispute illegal, slandering or threating can not be uploaded. We reserve the right to not to publish any material that we think is inappropriate.

Licence, terms of use and conditions

Effectively, there is a variety of materials as graphs, data, information and editorial material that can be reached by the public. As a definition, all such material will be referred to as “content”. Be it public, or in a section accessible to the members only, all are licensed material. This material (content) ccan only be used as decribed in this agreement.